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Smoking Area At Stansted Airport

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Smoking Zone at London Stansted Airport

The London Stansted Airport is one of the renowned and busiest airports of London. The airport is administered by MAG (Manchester Airports Group) and analyses its progress. The airport has been efficiently managing the travelling of passengers to more than 170 destinations. An alarming increase in the number of smokers has been observed over the years. According to the British law which was imposed in 2007, the smoking is strictly prohibited in the public space such as Hospitals, government institutions, offices and most importantly the airports. Stansted Airport has emphatically implemented the law.

Smokehouse at Stansted Airport

There are designated smoking zones at the London Stansted Airport where you can smoke without affecting the other passengers. The official website of Stansted Airport has clearly mentioned its support towards an eco-friendly environment and healthy habits. Previously, a few interested smokers protested to revoke the smoking law and allow the usage of cigarettes in public areas. However, they failed in achieving their purpose as the smoke is harmful for your surroundings.

Main Terminal Smoking Zone

Stansted Airport manages to facilitate millions of passengers yearly. It conducts its operations with the assistance of a single main terminal. Smoking is prohibited within the premises of Stansted Airport and those who violate the law will suffer penalties. Hence, you cannot smoke inside the main terminal of London Stansted Airport. Smoking bins have been placed in close vicinity of the bus stops near the main terminal. The smokehouse of the Stansted Airport is two minutes away from the main terminal.

Why is Stansted Airport concerned about smoking?

Smoking causes severe damage to your organs and results in deterioration of health. Initially, the management of the Stansted Airport completely banned smoking but on demand of 45% of the passengers, they agreed to construct a smoking zone.

Are E-Cigarettes and Vapes allowed?

You can use vapes and E-cigarettes for smoking in the smokehouse designated at the Stansted Airport. However, carrying vapes and E-cigarettes during flight is harmful. Smoking after acquiring security-check is strictly prohibited at the London Stansted Airport. We repeatedly stress upon the fact that smoking causes lung cancer and damages other organs. It is harmful for you and your surroundings.