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Luton Airport Car Parking

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Car Parking at the Luton Airport

There is an affordable car parking at the Luton Airport that is a source of convenience for the people who are being transferred to the airport through various services. You can place your reservation through the online portal or acquire the tickets immediately. Also, you can leave your cars at the airport parking as Luton Airport parking has effectual security checks. With the assistance of CCTV Cameras and efficiency of security personnel the airport is renowned as one of the safest places in London. The rate of parking is low and offers variety of deals for the travelers.

Short-Term Car Parking at the Luton Airport

People prefer to park their cars in the area of short-term parking when it is cumbersome to park in the Priority parking. When you cross a certain time limit at the priority parking then you are supposed to pay a higher cost for parking. Short-term car parking is feasible when you know that you will be back in almost 15 minutes. You will avail the services of shuttle to reach the terminal of the Luton Airport.

Mid-term Car Parking at the Luton Airport

Although it takes 5 minutes to reach the Mid-term Car Parking area but for your convenience there is a shuttle service. They operate after every 12 minutes to take the passengers to the parking zones from the terminal building and then to the Parkway Station for free. The charges for parking is £25.99 per hour. This parking areas is also well-equipped and useful. The area is being monitored well by the cameras and the surveillance team is at your service.

Long-Term Car Parking at the Luton Airport

To avail the parking facility for a longer period of time, the Long-term parking facility is present. As it is situated at a distance from the terminal so you will need a transfer service to reach the terminal. It might be cumbersome to get into a shuttle service as there is none nearby. The cost of parking is £23.99 per hour. It is affordable and secure but the fact that it is located at a distance from terminal has caused problems for the passengers.

Priority Parking at the Luton Airport

The priority parking facility is commonly used by people. The charges are high but it is convenient when you want to drop someone at the terminal. The parking cost is £47.99 per hour. As it is located near the terminal, so you do not have to worry about the transfer services. You cannot avail this parking facility for a longer time as other parking facilities are available.

London's MINICABS service

London's MINICABS service offers transfer services to and from the Luton Airport. Our expertise is in the airport transfers but we are also recognized for our professional Meet and Greet services. Moreover, we offer business chauffeurs and accessories for the impaired individuals to ease their journey. The Child booster seats are also provided on demand.