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Luton Airport Short Term Parking

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Short-term Parking at Luton Airport

The short-term parking facility is in close vicinity of Priority Parking therefore, it has certain conditions and is high-priced. The cost is lesser than priority parking because of the fact that it is situated on the terminal. The cost for one-day parking at Priority Parking is huge. In view of this, people stay there for a couple of minutes when they drop-off the passenger.

Short-Term Parking Drop Off at Luton Airport

The parking is costly if the duration is more than one hour. We suggest that you drop your loved one at the terminal and spend less time (preferably an hour) before driving back to your place.

Short-Term Parking Price at Luton Airport

Short-term Parking rates at Luton Airport do not soar hastily and remain stable mostly. Luton Airport changes prices bi-annually.

Luton Airport Short Term Parking rates

A list of parking charges with respect to the duration is given below:

  • £4 for 30 minutes of parking.
  • £7 for 40 minutes of parking.
  • £10 for 60 minutes of parking.
  • £12 for 2 hours of parking.
  • £15 for 3 hours of parking.
  • £17 for 4 hours of parking.
  • £19 for 5-6 hours of parking.
  • £45 for one day of parking.
  • £498 for one month of parking.

Security at Luton Airport Short Term Parking

The security system at Luton Airport Short-term parking is commendable with the assistance of patrolling guards and 24/7 CCTV surveillance. The parking facility of Luton Airport is official and authorized. Luton Airport parking is clean and well-maintained. The service charges are affordable and offers accessories like wheelchair for impaired individuals. Moreover, frequent parkers can avail the discount packages offered by the parking companies. A passenger is supposed to check the car locks and belongings before parking their car. You can park your motorcycle free of charge for seven days.