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Smoking Area At Luton Airport

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Smoking Lounge at the Luton Airport

United Kingdom strictly follows the rules and regulations especially in case of its nation’s reputation and economy. Smoking is prohibited in the public space according to the law. Therefore, the regular cigarettes can be smoked in the areas designated for this purpose.

Smokehouse at Luton Airport

The Luton Airport caters for interested smokers by providing sheltered zones for smoking near the departure area. However, for some reasons the electric cigarettes are not allowed in the premises of Luton Airport. The smoking zone is designed in a way to protect the non-smokers from the smoke. The management levies fine if anyone is lightening or holding a cigarette inside the terminal of Luton Airport.

Recent instances of Electronic Cigarettes at the Luton Airport

Due to lack of knowledge about the regulations, few passengers were fined for smoking cigarettes inside the Luton Airport in 2016. The management filed a legal case against them for violating the rules. The management of each airport in United Kingdom is concerned about the public health and hygiene practices.

Permissibility of Inhalators at the Luton Airport

You would be exited to know that Luton Airport allows you to use products that help you quit smoking such as Inhalators. It supports and encourages you in taking the initiative towards a better quality of life. This ensures the safety and betterment of the airport community.

Usage of Nicotine Gum and Nicotine Patches

The Luton Airport has allowed you to use the nicotine gums and nicotine patches for your well-being. Nicotine patches are used in the releasing of the nicotine that has been piled-up through your skin. Some people perceive this as part of an addiction while other admire it for its benefits.

Smoke-room at the Luton Airport

The smoking zone of the Luton Airport allows you to smoke any brand’s cigarette. You need to follow the rules even inside the room as additional violence will not be tolerated by the management of the Luton Airport. We repeatedly state that smoking causes lung cancer and is injurious to health. We wish you a speedy recovery so that you overcome this unpleasant habit.