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Long-Term Parking at Luton Airport

The Long-term car park at Luton Airport is suitable and convenient for those passengers who will be travelling to destinations for more than one day. Do not worry about the time limits or soaring prices of car park as you will be surprised to know that the first two hours of car park are free of cost. Long-term Parking service at Luton Airport has some advantages and disadvantages which are explained below.

Amenities of Long-Term Parking at Luton Airport

The service is economical and suitable for passengers. There is no hourly surge in price of parking and no surcharges. No matter for how long you avail the parking service, you car remains safe and secure. However, the passengers are expected to abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the management of the airport.

Long-Term Car Park at Luton Airport

Among the other parking facilities, the Long-term parking facility at Luton Airport is renowned to provide finest parking deal for three days of car park. Whereas, if you are parking the car with the parking providers at Luton Airport then you can request for other exciting services such as Meet and Greet at the airport. Moreover, you can make the reservation for the parking space through their online portal and enjoy a discounted service of Long-term Luton Airport Parking.

Prices of Long-Term Parking at Luton Airport

Generally, the fares for Long-term parking at Luton Airport are affordable and cost-effective. The service quality is excellent. You will have to pay £40 if you are availing the Long-term car park service for two days.

Luton Airport Price for Long Term parking

You will be charged £21 for one day car park at Long-term Parking at Luton Airport.

Rates for Long-Term Parking at Luton Airport

The service charges for Luton Airport Long-term Parking with respect to the duration are given below:
  • £21 for one day of car park.
  • £42 for two days of car park.
  • £63 for three days of car park.
  • £84 for four days of car park.
  • £171 for seven days of car park.

The service charges are expected to increase after every 12-24 hours of Car park.

Security at Luton Airport Long-Term Parking

The security system of Long-term Luton Airport parking is excellent. There is extra security and care because the vehicles are parked for a longer time. The parking spaces are clean and spacious. The Long-term Luton Airport Car Park is monitored 24/7 with the assistance of efficient guards and CCTV cameras.