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Heathrow Shuttles

One of the most evident facility of the Heathrow Airport is the availability of Heathrow shuttles that run between the airport’s terminals (2-5). This article comprises of the information regarding the approachable Heathrow Shuttles of Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Shuttles between terminal 2 to 3:

The distance between the second and third terminal can be covered in 10 minutes by walk. The route has been marked with indications or you can use the Interactive Heathrow Map for your ease. There are special assistance facilities available for those who cannot walk. You can avail the services of free Heathrow Shuttles to cover the distance.

Heathrow Shuttles between terminal 4 to 5:

Between fourth and fifth terminal, there runs a Heathrow Shuttle that is free of cost. After every 15 minutes, the train Heathrow shuttle is ready to drop you off at your desired terminal. You can attain free tickets from the station or cards facility to enjoy free travelling between these terminals. It takes 20 minutes to reach to the fifth terminal. Moreover, a Frequent London Underground trains also run if you use a payment card for it. It will drop you at the terminal in 16 minutes approximately.

Heathrow Shuttles between terminal 4 to 3:

The shuttle runs between Heathrow Central station of terminal 2/3 and Platform 1 of terminal 4. The service is free of cost and the shuttle departs after every 15 minutes. It will take almost 20 minutes to cover the distance between these terminals.

Heathrow Shuttles between terminal 5 to 3:

The Heathrow shuttles are free of cost that run between terminal 5 and terminal 2/3. You can issue Inter-terminal (transfer tickets) to avail the service for free. The journey time is 20 minutes approximately.

Heathrow Shuttles between terminal 5 to 4:

From the Bus stop 7, you can take the bus that offers a destination of Southall Town Hall to assist the transfer between these terminals. The journey time is 20 minutes.

You can decide the transfer service between the terminals in advance to save time.

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