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Heathrow Transfer

Out of the great number of transport methods people can choose, taking a Heathrow Transfer seems to be one of the most popular option among the passengers. Even if cheaper choices are available, people seem to take the most comfortable one. Now when I talk about Heathrow Transfer, I can name two different types of services:

  • Black Cabs
  • Minicabs

There has always been a lot of competition between the two services, each of them having their advantages and disadvantages. Today I will try to do a comparison between the two, and in the end let you choose the conclusions. So let’s find out which is the best Heathrow Transfer!


The word “mini” sounds really awkward when you refer to a service that can provide you cars as big as an 8-Seater or even a coach. Even if you are a group of 10, 20 or even 40 people, mini-cab companies can send you a Heathrow Transfer in order to fit all of you, this being also one of the first advantages that minicab companies have over Black Cabs, where you would have to split in groups.

Another plus to the minicab companies goes to fares. Even if the prices vary from one company to another, they usually cost 50% less than the Black Cabs and the price is fixed. This is really important, because if you will take a Black Cab, you will be charged by a taximeter for each minute that you lose in traffic. As London is really busy sometimes, you may just empty your pocket in a situation like this. When taking a minicab, you will just be charged for the initial price that was agreed with the company, with no extra fares, no matter what.

The third possible reason you could choose a minicab company over a Black Cab company to be your Heathrow Transferis the time of the journey. Without breaking the law, minicab companies are known to reach the destination faster than Black Cabs.

Black Cabs

London’s Black Cabs, along with its red buses, are as familiar in London as Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament. To be qualified as the driver of a Black Cab, comprehensive information of the six-mile radius all around Charing Cross must be proven, as well as 320 routes and all the points of interest along them.

It requires about two to four years to complete the All-London Knowledge, as it is known and, as a consequence to this, the Black Cab drivers are popular all over the world. However, as earlier stated, choosing a Black Cab as your Heathrow Transfer can be costly. A price of £70 or £80 is fairly possible, despite the fact that Heathrow Transfer state that the average is £50-55.

The rivalry between private hire vehicles (minicabs) may play a role in driving the fares down a bit, but no matter if you are in Central London or Heathrow, Black Cabs provide the benefit of being stopped on the street or being picked-up from a specific rank, while minicabs must be booked some time before the pick-up. The only Heathrow Transfer that are allowed to wait in the rank are Black Cabs.

The Black Cabs stop at the Transfer ranks outside all Heathrow terminals. They also can be booked ahead of time for a fixed cost, both online or at the taxi information desks in the arrivals halls of each terminal.

So, while minicab companies have their share of advantages over Black Cabs, the latter can praise for also having some of their own. This includes the great knowledge of London the drivers have, the fact that they can be hailed on the street and you can also take one from outside each Heathrow terminal.

As you can see, each of this services has its pluses and minuses. Should you choose a Black Cab as your Heathrow Transfer? Should you choose minicabs? Though choice, but only you can decide which is the best Heathrow Transfer for you!

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